EXPERIENCED -- We are experienced bankruptcy attorneys.  We have helped thousands of people file both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies in Oklahoma since 1992.

FRIENDLY, COMPASSIONATE, AND SYMPATHETIC -- We know and firmly believe that 99 percent of the people that file bankruptcy are GOOD, WONDERFUL Oklahomans who have fallen on very hard times.  We understand the helplessness of a person whose hospital and doctor bills are not adequated covered by your insurance.  We know many people can't even find work that offers insurance.  We know about the economic forces that cause good people to become unemployed, or require them to take a lower paying job.

WE WELCOME PHONE CALLS -- WE KNOW YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, NOW AND DURING YOUR BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS.   We may not be able to answer all questions over the phone.  Many answers require a complete look at your entire situation.  Many people also like to call when they are filling out our initial questionnaire -- it does have some interesting things in it that the court requires us to get information from you. We even welcome calls before your initial FREE CONSULATATION about filling out our questionnaire -- and there is never a charge for those calls.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION -- This initial consultation works best for you if you allow us to mail you our FREE extensive questionnaire and information package, and if you fill it out completely.  That will provide us with all the information we need to answer your questions and to give you the very best advice without delay.  We also encourage you to call us (of course, with no attorney fees) after you get the questionnaire if you have any questions about what it is the questionnaire is asking about.  We admit some of the questions ask for a lot, but the questionnaire is designed to get the information that the bankruptcy law and the court require.

FREE INITIAL INFORMATION PACKAGE AND EXTENSIVE QUESTIONNAIRE -- We consider these very important tools for you.  They help you get together all of the documents and information that the bankruptcy law, the court, and that the trustee will require. We encourage you to call us if you have any trouble or questions in filling out the questionnaire.  We don't charge you for these calls (although other law firms might do so, we don't.) Call today for this information and to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. (918) 495-2222.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We don't represent you until you and we have signed a written legal services contract.  We think it is very important to both you and us that our legal services contract is in writing and signed by both you and us before we are representing you.  Then you know just what your fees are, and what we are doing for you.  Nothing in this website, or the information package or questionnaire, is a contract between you and us. 

NEVER ANY HIDDEN CHARGES -- No extra charge to call about the questionnaire we send to you before your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  After your initial consultation, if you hire us, everything will be in writing -- what we will do for you and the price for it.

WE HELP KEEP YOUR LEGAL FEES DOWN.  The main way we do this is that we expect you to provide to us all the information and original documents that the court, the trustee, and the bankruptcy law require.  We prepare, of course, all of the legal filings and schedules that must be filed with the court.  We could get all of this information and copies of documents that are under your control or that you could get, but then our fees would be much much higher to pay for our time.  In the past, for many many years, most of our clients have been grateful and happy that we have them get these documents and information instead of us getting stuff that they can get.  This keeps your legal fees much lower.  We are talking about the information of what you debts are, who your debtors are, your mortgages on cars and homes, your pay stubs and pay records, the entire list is in the FREE information package that we will send to you before you come in for your FREE initial consultation.  So, you should know before your initial consultation if there are truly any records or documents or information that you really can't get.  If you really can't get something, we will tell you what our fee will be to get it, in writing.  We truly believe in not having any hidden charges jump out at you.  We do know that the bankruptcy law and the trustee and the court require a great deal of information and records, but we have observed, at least for the thousands of people who became our clients, that almost all of them were very happy that they could save hundreds of dollars of legal fees by getting together the records and information instead of the attorneys charging their high hourly rates to do something that the client could do at no cost.

FRIENDLY FAMILY ORIENTED OFFICE -- we have a big toy box if you can't get a baby-sitter.   Your family is important to us.  It also seems silly to us to expect you to have to pay for a babysitter just to come see us.  If you don't have a friend or family member who can sit with your kids, we have a nice toy box to amuse them while you have your FREE initial consultation with us.

HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE OFFICE AND RESTROOMS.  We chose our office with easy access in mind, we are on the ground floor, and our main entry opens to the walkway outside, and there is a wheel chair ramp close to our door, as well a several further away down the sidewalk.

FREE PARKING AND EASY TO FIND.  See the map on this website.  We are about a block away from the intersection of 71st Street and Lewis Ave.  Our address is Suite D, 6901 S. Yorktown Ave, Tulsa.  If you are coming south on Lewis, you would turn right at the stop light on 69th street, and go to the end of the block.  If you were driving on 71st Street, you would turn to the north at Yorktown (it is the only way you can turn, but there isn't a light, so look for the Yorktown sign) and drive to the end of the block.  We are right across the street from a post office at the corner of the block.

CALL AND TALK TO AN ATTORNEY OR ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY STAFF: (918) 495-2222.  Our staff is very knowledgeable, and better yet, each one knows what she doesn't know, and will quickly get you to an attorney if that is the case.  However, one of the attorneys will always be happy to talk to you, if you want.  We have a lean staff in order to help keep costs down and your legal fees lower, but we also have a 24/7 electronic answering for the times everyone is out of the office. 

WE CARE ABOUT YOU.  We work very hard to help you have a successful bankrupcy.  We think that, quite often, a successful bankruptcy is the critical step for a person to have a successful financial re-birth after a series of financial disasters.  We hope you will have a successful financial re-birth, and tell your friends and family that we did a wonderful job in helping you survive your financial hardships.

THANK YOU!!  We mean it.  We are extremely grateful to those who allow us to represent them.  You have many choices. We are so pleased for those who chose us.